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RanaWorks joins Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA)

01 October 2018

RanaWorks joins the Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA) as it believes that shared knowledge and integrated services are key to further strengthen the energy transition. RanaWorks trusts that the NWEA platform provides a valuable contribution to enhance RanaWorks' integrated services as well as strengthen its business network.

NWEA is the Dutch sector association working to increase sustainable wind energy on land and at sea. NWEA unites the wind sector in the Netherlands and accelerates the transition towards a renewable energy supply by spurring businesses and governments to invest in wind energy. NWEA actively promotes the utilisation of wind power in the Netherlands, on land and offshore.

RanaWorks is looking forward to participate in the NWEA platform and to further develop smart solutions for a sustainable energy provision based on the newest market developments and a collective point of view.

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