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RanaWorks passes first stage ISO audits

24 March 2018

RanaWorks successfully completed her first stage audits on its Integrated Management System according to the ISO-9001/14001 and OHSAS-18001 standards. 

In 2 weeks’ time from now, the second stage audits are scheduled, where after RanaWorks is completely ready for the 2018 offshore season.

Establishing the Integrated Management System only several weeks after the official launch of the company earlier this year, shows that we fully understand the expectations and requirements of our context & stakeholders and that we dive deep to rise high.

In Q2 2018, RanaWorks continues the certification process of its company. Among other things, an IRATA certification will be in the planning, with which RanaWorks confirms that its rope access activities are carried out according the highest safety standards for working at height.

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