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Crew Transfer Vessel Fleet

Leading role in raising the safety culture within the industry

In 2011 Offshore Wind Services was formed on behalf of investors to take advantage of the growing services market in the offshore wind industry. Two 21m aluminum catamaran CTVs were ordered at Southboats in the UK in 2011 while in early 2012, the well know UK pioneer in the CTV industry, Offshore Wind Power Marine Services Ltd was acquired in full.

Over the next three years one CTV was sold and five large new vessels, including the two already ordered in 2011, were added to the fleet. Workships Contractors took a leading role in raising the safety culture within the fleet and the industry. Workships ensured the fleet was certified to the requirements of the ISM Code, Maritime Labour Convention as well as the management standards of ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001. At the same time Workships took a leading position within industry safety groups such as the IMCA Renewables Workgroup and the National Workboat Association. In the latter Workships initiated the formation of the Workboat Safety Forum of which it was Chairman until 2017 when the fleet management contract was finished.

In 2015, the company was sold to an existing client, Acta Marine in Den Helder, The Netherlands who asked Workships Contractors to continue technical and commercial management for two years.